Wednesday, September 30, 2009

My little sunshine

One of my Favorite things in the world, is HATS! Cooie shares my love of hats, he picked this one out today and we both thought it was worthy of a photo shoot! Seriously, this little guy needs an agent, he's so willing! That's why you have been seeing him the most!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Just in time for new shabby granny chair!

Click on this one to view larger!

I have been looking for some time now for an old chair to use for posing. I found this one today and had Coo do some posing for me. Isn't he just the sweetest little man. I am so happy with my find today I had to post!!! Can't wait for my fall sessions with this chair! Doesn't it look great with the apples? I am going to find a spot once the leaves fall and set it up there too!! So much fun!!!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

I'm such a lucky mama.

My house is a disaster. The laundry is not done. I have a million things to do but all I really want to do is freeze these moments. Good thing I have my camera by my side at all times. I love my little guys! A fun outing chasing squirrels and pretending the gazebo is a haunted house. They have such great imaginations, I love that about them! Collin made up an imaginary "Grandpa mailman" not to long after that Cooie decided he had a "Grandpa frog". Cooie still talks about his Grandpa frog a year later.

I keep a journal of things that happen with the boys, like the first tooth or funny things they might say. I was just reading it over and here are some of the entries:

December 9th 2007
Tony was on sitter duty. I did not close the baby gate to the kitchen as I left. When I came home I noticed an entire bag of marshmallows was gone. Tony knew nothing about it. When I went to Collin, I asked him why he had a band-aid on his tummy he replied, "I ate to many marshmallows."

August 27th 2009
My mom was over watching the kids while we went to Seattle for a job. Collin went to the kitchen sink and took the sprayer, put it in his mouth and proceeded to get a drink. Grandma asked Collin if mommy let's you do that? He replies: Sometimes, If she doesn't see me!

Monday, September 14, 2009


My boys are fun. My boys are crazy. My boys love each other. Even if they don't always show it!
My guys have tons in common, they share the letter "C" and they all have birth marks on their necks. I wonder if we had a fourth if he would have a birth mark on his neck as well!

Good morning sunshine

Some things are a must have! When I saw these jammies I knew Cammy needed to own them. The monkey has a scar in the exact same spot as Cammy. How perfect!

When you wake up with hair that looks like this, does it mean he had a good night sleep or a bad one?

Monday, September 7, 2009

Strike a pose

My kids are what made me want to get better at photography! They are now seasoned pros and given the right time of day, all three of them ask to strike a pose. Collin was all about it today, he had so many new poses for me. I love capturing my boys and giving them the gift of photos.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

It was gabba land at the Davis house today!

Tony, Collin, April, Cammy, and Cooie all wearing home-made gabbs t-shirts!

Today was Cammy's 2nd birthday celebration. Of course we did it gabba style! Cameron knew today was his party and the anticipation of it all was almost too much for him to bare. When he awoke from his nap, we had put out all the decorations. This was a careful procedure, if we had done it too soon Cameron would have had all the plates, napkins, goody bags in piles all for himself. He caught me the day prior making a goody bag, let me tell you this guy must have said "gabba" in his most pitiful voice about 50 times before I had to give in. His passion for the little monsters is fascinating. It goes beyond the normal love, I might call this an obsession. Most of our "invited" guests did not make the b-day due to colds and prior obligations. So, it was nice and low key with just Ton's parents and the boys. It was nice. Cameron had had a blast.

Cammy and his cake. Rando said he's buy that for $7.99Treat bags, minus a muno for a certain 2 year old! Hmm hmm

Playtime before the party, with you guessed it.

Cameron singing while listening to Gabba music. Nothing makes me smile like this little guys sweet voice.

Artwork by Meow-ma who watched the boys while we went out of town. Kept up because of it's awesome-ness.

This one was mine. Tried to duplicate the gabba logo.

Happy Birthday my little boy! Seriously, you just can't get any older until I am ready!!!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Collin's first day of Kindergarten

Today is the first "official" day of Kindergarten for Collin. He has had 2 years of preschool so I was prepared for the day. I did get teary eyed before we left the house and Collin reminded me that the school was really close to the house. He woke up and kept asking me if he could go to school. We had to wait until noon!!! He has half day afternoon class. We decided to leave early for lunch. He chose McDonald's! He said he was excited to learn! I am so proud of him and I hope his day is wonderful! This is the beginning of his school career!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Cameron turns TWO on Thursday!

We will miss all the family and friends who can't make Cameron's Dancy dance party!

Front of invite
Back of invite
Cameron is 3 days old !

Cameron is 1 month old!
Cameron at "1" year!

Here he is today! My little sweet boy!

Happy 2nd Birthday my sweet Cameron! You are so much fun and make mommy laugh everyday! I love you!