Saturday, September 5, 2009

It was gabba land at the Davis house today!

Tony, Collin, April, Cammy, and Cooie all wearing home-made gabbs t-shirts!

Today was Cammy's 2nd birthday celebration. Of course we did it gabba style! Cameron knew today was his party and the anticipation of it all was almost too much for him to bare. When he awoke from his nap, we had put out all the decorations. This was a careful procedure, if we had done it too soon Cameron would have had all the plates, napkins, goody bags in piles all for himself. He caught me the day prior making a goody bag, let me tell you this guy must have said "gabba" in his most pitiful voice about 50 times before I had to give in. His passion for the little monsters is fascinating. It goes beyond the normal love, I might call this an obsession. Most of our "invited" guests did not make the b-day due to colds and prior obligations. So, it was nice and low key with just Ton's parents and the boys. It was nice. Cameron had had a blast.

Cammy and his cake. Rando said he's buy that for $7.99Treat bags, minus a muno for a certain 2 year old! Hmm hmm

Playtime before the party, with you guessed it.

Cameron singing while listening to Gabba music. Nothing makes me smile like this little guys sweet voice.

Artwork by Meow-ma who watched the boys while we went out of town. Kept up because of it's awesome-ness.

This one was mine. Tried to duplicate the gabba logo.

Happy Birthday my little boy! Seriously, you just can't get any older until I am ready!!!


Jamie Tamez said...

OMG April look at his little face! That looked like one awesome party! I'm so sorry we missed it. Keep everything up and we'll get together this week! LOL

Happy Birthday Cammy!