Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Cameron saw the Genetic Counselor today.

Today was the Genetic Counselor visit.

Here it is simply put:

Cameron does not appear to have any other "syndromes" usually associated with having Hemihypertrophy. Good news, already suspected that.
The affected parts of his body is mainly his arm and mostly in circumference.
We will be refered for the 6-8 week AFP testing.
We will continue the ultrasounds every 6 months if not every 3 months. Still undecided about that. We may also have the prev. ultrasound re-done since it appears they may not have done it properly.
He will see a Genetic Physician in Seattle to conclude the findings of the diagnosing doctor and the findings of the Genetic Counselor.

The lump on his skull was the plates growing together and not a tumor. She said sometimes that happens and it's nothing to be alarmed about.

Thank you for keeping Cameron in your thoughts and prayers. He is now army crawling very well and learned how to wave and say HI in the cutest little voice I have heard.