Saturday, February 2, 2008

Cameron's 5 Month old photo's

Update on Collin and Cameron

We had a mold inspection done on the house just to be sure that was not a factor. No mold to be found. We saw a new Dr. yesterday who seemed really anxious to help us get to the bottom of his lingering joint pain. We meet with her again on Monday at 1:30 to discuss her findings.

Cameron's left arm and leg are 1/2 inch larger compared to the other side. It looks more and more like Hemi Hyper-trophy to me but I also need to find a Doctor we are comfortable with. I am changing the boys doctor because I found out yesterday that he is not a pediatrician. I have been taking the boys to him thinking he was. Cameron is happy and growing so he is doing great right now.

I found this organization of photographers who photograph for familes of terminally ill children. After reading all the heartache of taking home a child to pass away in your arms, I realize just how lucky I really am. Although, it's been hard I must remember someone out there has it worse than I do.