Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The little Coo frog turned 4!

The invites were sent out and a 4th birthday was on it's way. We had one excited Cooie in our house. The cake was made (with the help of the birthday boy) and cake balls that were supposed to resemble frogs and lady bugs. Actually looked more like mutant frogs and lady bugs. Looks aside, Tony and Collin went goo goo for cake balls!

Our friend Jamie loaned us the bounce house for his special day! Thank you! Look at that smile! This was a perma-grin if I ever saw one!!!!!

Oh Daddy! I must say there is something sexy about a guy who makes fishing poles and boats for his son's b-day! A guy who carefully paints them. A guy who paints racing stripes. The kids and I will never forget that special thing you did!

The Pinata! The worm didn't stand a chance. You were so cute!

And so done for!

Thanks for the Lolly Mr. Worm friend! Little Cole and family drove 2.5 hours for the party! It was so good to see you guys!!!
Cooie proudly showed his friends and family all his lovely gifts.

Some made him laugh! Today when you go into his room, this little guy is turned facing the wall. I wonder why?

Thanks to the wonderful friends and family that made Cooies day super special! He was a very happy boy and that made me a very happy mommy!