Sunday, January 3, 2010

A clean start!

Welcome to 2010!
A clean start!

My year in review:
As I sat to ponder 2009, I sat looking like there was no light on. That's because there was no MAJOR event in 2009. There was no baby born. (can I get a pat on the back please). Not that having a 4th baby would be the end of the's just not on the to do list. A little girl sounds like something I might want to have. But.......I want my sanity more.
We didn't go on any vacations. Unless you count the time we packed up the family for an Ocean shores getaway.......and made it Alki beach because we realized 3 hours one way was better than 5.
Tony and I did manage to have some solo getaways and those were very fun and memorable.
We have had only MINOR health scares with Cameron and only one ER visit and 3 stitches.
We spent an entire year in a house that actually felt like "home". That meant a lot to me.
Nintendo DS became my best friend and my worst enemy.
We rescued 2 pups from the park and found a good home for them.
I found a really good scone recipe that became my best friend and my worst enemy.
I found out what I was missing all these years, when Cameron finally started sleeping in.
I found out that my Wii fit age was 52.
I met complete strangers out shopping that were kind and complimentary. One yelled Excuse me across the parking lot just to tell me my coat was beautiful. One offered to help me to my car when I could hardly carry the giant sized birthday cake. There are some really kind people out there!
So you can see (my 3 loyal readers) nothing major in 2009. No resolutions from me for 2010. Just gonna try to have some fun and see some more of the world.