Thursday, December 9, 2010

My oldest is 7 today!

My oldest boy is 7 today. I am so very proud of him. You would expect me to say that on his Birthday especially! He REALLY is a sweety! A genuine kid who just likes to have fun. I love my buddy so much.

We celebrated last Saturday at our house with some friends and family. Spider man showed up is his mustang. All the kids ran to see him and said it was a costume. The Yakima Spidy drives with his mask off. They all laughed at all his tricks, including the adults. There were some hecklers in the crowd, Cooie and his friends. They wold not join in but had no problem telling spidy he was a "fake". That's my middle child.....keep in it real.

Happy Birthday to the most wonderful 7 year old in my world.....he's the light of my life along with his brothers of course.