Thursday, October 15, 2009

It's good!

To those who follow the health of my little Camerooonsky. The full blood work up that was done for those questionable lymph nodes, came back ok. Also, the AFP and ultrasound this round was all good as well. The last Dr. visit my budding director (Collin) took my phone out and recorded some of the Dr. checking out Cameron. Now, Cameron roams my videos and watches his encounter with the Dr. He knows now, who he is and what will happen to him. With his most serious voice he looks up at me and says, "that's the Dr." as if he's this monster. We are well known in the ultrasound office and luckily we have the same lady every time. I am very pleasaed with my little guy. He is doing great!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

FAIL photo session..but still worth all the trouble

It is more work photographing my own kids, because they just don't take me seriously sometimes. Welcome to a day in my life. This is my "FAIL" photo session. Here are the reasons these would not be sell able.

#1. Cammy is watching yo gabba

#2. It looks like Collin and Coo have 2 heads on 1 body.

The upside: They are genuinely smiling!

#1. If it looks like they are in pain, it's most likely not a sold image.

The upside: Collin looks happy!

Ok, this is the winner of the bunch. I don't have eye contact from 2 of the 3, but I still like it.

This one.....chokes me up.
Do you ever feel sad and lonely? That's the feeling this photo gives off. Since it does not give that warm fuzzy (my family loves me) feeling. We will leave this one out of the scrapbooks! The real truth is that if Cooie can't call the shots he just won't do it. This was a protest and battle of wills. I don't mean to pigeon hole any of my children, but he's making it awfully hard to "not" call him a "middle child". I could just eat Cammy up in this one!
This happened because by this time, we were no longer 3. There is a window of opportunity when photographing multiple children and that window closed pretty fast.

But, I am pretty quick and can always get a solo shot!

Hope you all enjoyed my glimpse into a photo session with the Davis boys. As disastrous as this was, it is the reality of a photo session and also my daily life with 3 sons. Lots of protests and choking! How will I ever survive?

Thursday, October 8, 2009

A beautiful fall date with Collin.

Collin will be 6 in December. Just looking at these pics makes me wish I could hold him as a baby again. We were on a mommy/son date and he had me laughing. When you have more than one child, getting them alone really helps to see the individual personality. One thing that cracks me up about Collin is his clumsiness. I'm not sure if it's that his mind is elsewhere, but this little guy fell twice while on our date. Once from on top of a bench doing karate chops and again just walking. We went to the bookstore (one if my fave places) and looked around.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Central Washington Fair and Good friends

Tony played with his band, Tieton drive at the Central Washington fair last Sunday. The boys were able to watch daddy perform.

Our good friends Janelle and Caleb drove from Spokane for a visit. We had a blast.
Grammy and Cammy watching the show.

Rides at the fair. I call this one Peek-a-Coo

Hi mom!

Went back at night to have some of our fave fair foods.

Janelle and me.