Tuesday, February 12, 2008

My other Logo color and update on my fellows!

So here are some pictures from today. Cameron was feeling rather "cheeky" so I got some funny faces. This is no joke, when Cameron see's Collin he just lights up. They have a special little bond. It's great, I can tell Collin to make Cameron happy when I hear him getting fussy. It buys me an extra 2 minutes or so.
Connor woke us up 2 nights ago with a bloody nose. I had an idea that he might have put something up there. Tony could not feel anything so we all went back to bed. Later the next day I saw something silver up his nose. It was a screw! We got it out safely and I am now wondering what Cameron is going to put up his nose. Collin had a dehydrated pea, Connor a screw and Cameron to be announced. BOYS are CRAZY!!!
Health wise, Collin is mucho better. Still need to see an allergist to see what is was for sure. Cameron is still in the works. We are having to really ride the Docs to do anything since Children's pretty much said he would be seen for an MRI at 1 yr. So no one in yakima wants to find out what the problem is. It's very frustrating. I ordered some special formula to see if he is having an allergic reaction to his food. When that arrives wish me luck in feeding it to him. He had rejected all the other special formulas. It's just a waiting game right now. All I know is all the boys are doing great and that makes me one happy mama!!!!!!