Monday, August 2, 2010

I've neglected you!

I wish I could say I just got back from Paris. I can't even tell you that I have left my small town. I have been moving! Yucky! The boys are loving the new pad and what they call "the bat cave". It's a walk in closet perfect for little boys. It houses a bunch of toys and some new art work from Cammy. It was done in black permanent marker. I am sure he thinks it's a masterpiece. Tons of swimming! Collin has finally advanced in his swimming career. He swims underwater but something about swimming with his head above water he can't seem to master. We are very proud of our toothless boy. Cammy is in love with the pool. Cooie is in love with the chair located next to the pool. We have tried so hard to get him in, but not even bribes work on the Cooster. One of these kids is doing his own thing!!!!