Thursday, July 10, 2008

Cammy is 10 months old! My little Gerber baby.

Cameron turned 10 months old while on his first beach trip. I've posted the gerber baby since everywhere I go someone says he looks like him. I think it's the hair. Cameron can pull himself up and walk around things now. He shakes his head no, waves hi and bye, crawls (off the floor now) and is very curious about his environment. He loves his blankie and after every nap or every morning he grabs it and gives it a big hug. If I grab him without blankie he turns toward the crib and reaches for it. I can't believe how every one of the boys love those little giraffe blankies. They sell them in adult sizes, maybe I should splurge. Does anyone have an extra $175 for it? If I had that the boys would never leave my never mind, they are bed hogs. Cameron has developed an aversion to riding in the car, no fun for me or anyone else. Cooie even says "baaaaby" be quiet. Coming from him cracks me up. He loves to make his brothers laugh. At dinner, I will give him a bite of food and for kicks he spits it out to see the reaction of Collin and Connor. I or course say "NO" in my firm voice and he laughs at me. I am excited to take the boys to see meow-ma for a couple days. We are going to celebrate her b-day since we could not make it last week. After that we are meeting up with Auntie Pam for a day on the river and that will be tons of fun too! I am super beside myself that my lil bro is coming. We are going to have so much fun just laughing, watching movies and I plan to get some head shots too! Too much excitement in one month.