Saturday, October 23, 2010


I was a sneaky little girl. If in charge of making the lunches for my little bro and I, I happily did it. Not because I was being kind to my mom, but because I ate my little brothers cookies. Once busted, I denied any involvement in such an act.

I decided one morning, it would be a good idea to squirt toothpaste on my grandparents bathroom mirror. When confronted, I again denied it. It baffled my grandparents. Even a week later at dinner my grandfather decided $1 might entice the delinquent. My brother decided $1 was pretty good payoff for admitting to something he did not do. Still, no peep out of me.

I promise, today I have grown out of this. God, has decided to grant me with 3 little sneaky boys. I know that pay backs are a "you know what" but man on man.....why "3" sneaky little boys. They are really giving me a run for my money.

So, here is my sincere apology for all my sneakiness...I AM SOOOOOOO SORRRRRYYYY!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

That busy time of year again!

It's fall and with that comes family photos and holiday portraits, this all keeps me busy. I love every minute of it, and love the people I have been meeting.  I love it all! The candy corn, pumpkins, and crisp clean air.

The face of Cheeky Monkey Photography

 Pumpkinn patch with our friends.