Saturday, October 23, 2010


I was a sneaky little girl. If in charge of making the lunches for my little bro and I, I happily did it. Not because I was being kind to my mom, but because I ate my little brothers cookies. Once busted, I denied any involvement in such an act.

I decided one morning, it would be a good idea to squirt toothpaste on my grandparents bathroom mirror. When confronted, I again denied it. It baffled my grandparents. Even a week later at dinner my grandfather decided $1 might entice the delinquent. My brother decided $1 was pretty good payoff for admitting to something he did not do. Still, no peep out of me.

I promise, today I have grown out of this. God, has decided to grant me with 3 little sneaky boys. I know that pay backs are a "you know what" but man on man.....why "3" sneaky little boys. They are really giving me a run for my money.

So, here is my sincere apology for all my sneakiness...I AM SOOOOOOO SORRRRRYYYY!


Anonymous said...

How did I miss this?! Oh, so funny!