Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Poor Collin

As I wrap up the old diaper and put on the new one for Cammy, Collin walks in the room. He's been so good and minding his own business. Innocently he walks into the room just to see what's going on. I ask "Collin, would you please run this diaper out to the garage". As it lay in his little 5 year old hands he looks up and me and this poop or pee. I reply, poop! He turns away towards the garage, diaper in tow and says.....I'm carrying poop!

I guess that may be to much information, but this is my life. I enjoy the comic relief that Collin, Cooie and Cammy bring to me everyday.

I just bought a new phone and the video capabilities are wonderful, so go to my you tube and check out the boys live. Don't forget to subscribe to you can get updates when new videos are posted.

By the way, Collin love wearing Robin costumes and this is what he is wearing in the picture above.