Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Collin really thinks I have super powers

The scene:

Collin & Connor eating lunch at the table, playing and laughing when they should be eating the lunches I prepared for them.

Me: Walking by the table notice little whispers from Collin into Cooies ear. I turn around and give that look like "you can't pull one over on me".

Collin: Mom, how do you always hear when we whisper?

Me: Because I am "Super Mommy"!

Collin: Can you fly too?

I think he REALLY believes I am Super mommy! And not in the "wow, mom you're "super" kinda way" but the Mom can shoot fire from her eyes and ice from her fingers kinda way!

So, Cooie now has the nasty bug and all 3 kids are sick. I wish I had some super powers for real!