Wednesday, September 17, 2008

This is my 100th Post....Wow

This post sets "my 3 sons" blog at "100" posts and I can't believe it! I must say, this blog has really helped me get thru some rough patches. It's nice to share and know that other people are interested in my little family. I know you are all stopping by even in you don't post comments. So, thank you for checking in.

Cooie loves lolly pops, what kid doesn't right! I used this one as a bribe to get some pictures of him. Man, was he cooperative. When we got to Walgreen's, I told him they had lolly pops as big as his head......I don't think he believed me. When I showed it to him, his eyes grew big and he said....."it is as big as my head, mommy". Oh, how lovely to be 3 and just loose yourself in a sugary mass of goodness, the size of your head.

SOOC Image:

After Image: PW'S Action, fresh and colorful again.

PW's B&W Action:
These days you don't get a photo of this little man without his tongue. Not sure if it's a nervous thing or if he's just being goofy.