Thursday, July 17, 2008

A special day with Cooie

I have been blessed with wonderful family, who allow me the freedom to do things for myself every once and a while. Today, there was a need for some one on one time with Cooie, who is about to turn 3! We had a wonderful time being together and it's so nice to have them one on one on occasion. We did some shopping and went by the river and enjoyed throwing some rocks. Connor is still so little and sometimes I forget that because he's no longer the baby. I am hoping some mommy time will help with the tantrums he's been having. No one really goes into detail about how hard it is raising children. I do have tons of respect for my mom now that I am one. It's kind of an art form! You don't get an instruction manual, you mold them and still feel you can do better. I know with Connor we are finding those super nanny clips with the worst possible scenario a little too close to home. We are mastering our discipline and tweaking it as necessary. All the worry and craziness is still worth it. I am just so happy they are all healthy and happy.


Anonymous said...

Hmmm....I remember...Woodland Hills Calif, 1979, in a department store, the cutest little girl you ever saw with long dark hair, beautiful blue eyes wearing a pink and white dress with a BIG white ruffled slip underneath............she was very angry that day - she even decided to lay down on the ground and kick her little legs (while screaming of course)- petticoat flying about while little brother sat in his stroller (most likely amused).
How will I get her to the car and push the stroller? Nightmare, ready to cry, people are staring...oh- and who do I see but her preschool teacher! "Looks like you are having a tough time" she said! :)
I would do anything IF ONLY I could have that day back! I did not realize then, that those moments were just as special as the warm fuzzy ones.

Life is short, I'm getting old, but so very wise. Wish I knew then what I know now! :(
Now about the baby powder April poured allll over the bedroom with little brother watching from his crib......:)

Ambie said...

There's no perfect mommy out there. Just enjoy the time you have with your kiddies, because as you know, it goes by sooo fast! It's true is an art form. :)
p.s. Luv Auntie N's comment!