Friday, March 26, 2010

This and that!

I LOVE my little boys with all my heart. I am learning what it means to "try" and raise well adjusted members of society. I could have done things a lot better, but there is still hope. I told myself that I would be a teacher and make that a priority........until we had 3 of them. I told myself that I would not let them watch television or play video games in excess.......until I realized I would never have any "me" time unless I allowed TV and video games into our house. I also never anticipated that I might not always know how to handle all that my 3 sons bring to the table.

What if your two year old says poop, butt and wiener every other word. What if he calls you poopy butt in the middle of a crowded area. What do I do when he looks at you with the most adorable smile and says with arms wide open "I love you this much" but turns around a minute later and says with arms wide open "I hate you this much". What if you try to ignore it to fix it and the problem still persists. What if you discipline for it and the problem continues. Maybe there is no easy solutions sometimes. Maybe, this is more common than I think. Do other moms go through these trials and just keep it to themselves because they are embarrassed to admit they don't have it under control all the time.

These are my questions, that go unanswered. I want great kids like everyone else. Maybe I should just laugh at these days because it's a phase and they will grow up to learn respect. Yep, that's what I'll do, laugh it off. He always does!


The Chaquette Family said...

Yes, every Mom feels this way (Especially ones that stay home!) In 10 seconds I can go from loving on them to wanting to lock them out of the house! :)

my3sons said...

Haha! Thanks Lindsey! Sometimes it's nice to hear that other moms go crazy sometimes to! I never thought of locking them out of the house....good one! Lol!!!

The Chaquette Family said...

Well if it makes you feel better, Theo locked me out of the car this morning at Ethan's school and they had to call the fire department. All in a days work for a stay-at-home mom.