Friday, January 8, 2010

If looks could kill......

There has been a sick child in my house since Christmas. I am now battling it out with my beautiful two year old. He is going to be one grumpy old man if he keeps on this track. I know it's no fun to be sick. Especially when your two and don't quite understand what is going on with your body. Oh.........the looks, the looks that really will kill me if he does not stop. He's two! What, where and how! I am in some serious trouble if I'm already getting the dirty looks. What's he gonna do to me when he's 15? One good thing that keeps me going is the success that is "Connor". We went from growling and grunting to this sweet little boy. So for now my little Cameron.......mommy will cut you some slack because you are sick. I'm laying down the law next watch!