Monday, December 21, 2009

I think my baby is amazing!

I can say that because he's mine. I have done everything for him. I lost so much sleep feeding him as a newborn that it hurt. I worried beyond worry when we didn't know what was wrong with him. Cameron and all my sons have my heart. When they start to hate me for parenting them, I will still love them. When they drive a car through the garage, spill bleach on the carpet or cut their brothers hair I will still love them. I don't have a daughter and I am sure I will miss out on a shopping, fashion and decorating buddy. I just hope they will still want to be with mommy when they are men. For now, I better cherish all this love, fun and craziness while I still have it all under one roof! My Connor will squeeze me so tight while saying "MY MOMMY". When the other boys see this they get in on the action. Christmas is just around the corner (4 days away) and I hope all my friends and family have a blessed and loving Christmas.