Thursday, July 30, 2009

We finally made it to Boulder Cave

About 2 weeks ago, Cooie and I attempted a trip to Boulder Cave. We did not make it and ended up stranded on the Hwy because the transmission went out in the yellow van. We went this time with our good friends Jamie and Dominik and had a blast.
Along the way the boys decided to take shirts off. It was hot!

Cooie would not pose with me! Boo hoo!

Our little friend.We made it to the cave.The boys went swimming. Oops we forgot towels and swim shorts.A shot of the Cave.
Collin thought it was soooooo funny when Dominik had to strip down and I informed him that I would not be laughing because he was next.


Jamie Tamez said...

Thanks for such a fun and very entertaining day!