Saturday, March 21, 2009

Thank you for the FLU.....what a waste of week!

WARNING: Don't read while eating or drinking your coffee.

4 out of the 5 of us Davis' were not so blessed with the Flu last week. I'm not sure if anyone is interested in the details, but here they are. It all started with Cameron! It was a typical morning, I woke to Cameron crying. When the door was opened let's just say I wanted to run. Tony and I worked as a clean-up team. Got the job done and he seemed fine. The next am, same thing! Part of me thought he just ate something bad and dismissed it. The other part of me was worried that he had the flu but no fever etc. I had plans to go to Olympia that Saturday morning and since he was happy, energetic and we were all looking forward to seeing my family off we went. Tony stayed behind the catch up on housework (movies & video games was the real intention). We met up with the fam and all was great with the world. I started to feel nauseous around 7pm when a phone call from Tony (that he was sick as a dog) sent me into a frenzy. I packed up all the kids at 9pm and decided I would head home. If I was getting sick I was going to do it at home.

I made it about 15 min into the drive and had to pull over. Little Collin pipes up and says "mom, I think you need a doctor".

Get back on the road and get to the's covered in SNOW! All wheel drive required, so I changed gears and go with the flow of traffic doing 25 mph. At that moment Cooie starts to toss his cookies all over! I looked at the blackest most evil of sky and asked "why GOD". Pull over on the PASS with my flip flops on and no winter coat & blizzard type snowflakes hitting me to clean up. All I had was Aloe Vera smelling baby wipes. I must say, the most awful discovery was a scented baby wipe! I will be banning them after the 500 from Costco are gone! I thought this to myself once or twice cleaning up doo doo, but it was confirmed that no scent in the world should try and match that of poop or otherwise. Same goes for scented sprays in the bathroom, but that's for another post!

Get back into the car and go about half mile to come to a stop for AVALANCHE CONTROL! I looked up at the UGLY black sky and asked again "why GOD" this time with tears a flowin!

All this to finally get home at 2am and clean up my poor little trooper who was sooo sick, being soooo sick myself to spend the next 4-5 days doing laundry after laundry after laundry!
Collin is the only one to escape this! I hope we are in the clear. I also hope you all don't get this!
On a happier note, we are all better and enjoying the nice weather and happy that it's SPRING!

Cammy has a knack for Gabba stacking ( how do you like the tummy)

Cooie on his scooter and loving it!

Cammy at the park and loving it!

Cooie happy to be Flu Free!

Collin riding his bike and loving it!

A little father son moment of love! Hey Cammy that's our thing!



Jamie Tamez said... poor mommy! Now I know why the Davis house has been MIA. I'm glad to hear things are hopefully back to normally now. Nothing is worse than having a sick house and being sick yourself! :)

Tiffany said...

Oh wow April, I didn't even know you were sick!!! What a horrible nightmare to be caught in all that! Glad you are all doing better, and it looks like your getting some sunshine up there!