Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Photography Playdate

Today was a busy day for the boys. Not only did Cooie start preschool today, but we had a play date as well! I would post pics of Coo on his first day of school but I don't have any because of a major protest! I picked my battles today and the camera lost. We did have fun meeting some new friends, Jen and her little boy from my photography group. It's nice to meet more moms with similar interests. She was kind enough to have myself, Collin, Connor, Cameron, Jamie, Dominik & Gabriel over for some great food and play. The pictures are from her property, the boys just went nuts with all the barrels and huge open areas. Thanks for having us over and I wish I could have helped clean up the mess of toys we left behind!!!


C.J. and Jen said...

Cute pics! It was REALLY fun to meet you today. We'll definitely have to make it happen again!

Jamie Tamez said...

We had so much fun with Jenn,Owen and you guys April! It's always great to get out and have playdates!