Thursday, December 11, 2008


Or at least look the part! Cooie has become my little poser. He likes the rewards he gets for smileing for the camera. I'm liking the Crimson, how about you?


Anonymous said...

I like the crimson now that I see it with a subject (handsome Connor). He has a wonderful smile and beautiful eyes Ape.


The Chaquette Family said...

Dang April, could your kids be an freaking cuter? They just keep getting cuter! Love all the pics -- I check your blog regularly. Hope you guys are good. Oh, and I sent you a Christmas card, but I think to your old address!!

my3sons said...

That's ok, it should forward to us! I should have mine out in the mail Sat. Isn't Cooie getting big, and he's turning into quite the ham! Miss you guys and I check your blog every new post, I love reading it...i'm so happy you are blogging again!!!!

2catpeeps said...

Thank you for posing for Mommie! I miss you so much and its the only way I can see you :(
I look at it all the time and my knees get weak!! Could I be any more blessed to have you as I my family!!! I love you all SO MUCH!
And thanks make my heart melt!

TiffanyK said...

These pictures are great! My favorite color AND one of my favorite subjects! ; )