Saturday, December 6, 2008

Collin celebrated his 5th Birthday today

As most of you know, Collin is 5 December 9Th! We celebrated today at home with a handful of his preschool friends. He chose Ben 10 as his decor, he can't get enough Ben 10. Collin had a really nice day and was grinning all day long. Collin looks forward to his Birthday all year long. I know, most kids do! But, Collin totes around the party magazine and talks about what kind of party he is going to have. What a sweetie!

Collin may just decide party planning is a career for him. He is very interested in all aspects of planning a party, everything got special mention right down to the forks! He said "this is totally awesome" about 50 times today.

Batman made a special appearance since Ben 1o was out of town. It was laughter from the moment he arrived until he left. This guy is good!
Cameron attempted balloon animals just like Batman! He has the technique down!He made Collin a pink sword!This is Emma! She is Collin's classmate. Emma and Collin are buddies.
Happy birthday to you, Happy birthday to you, Happy birthday dear Collin, Happy birthday to you!!!!!!

Happy Birthday my best buddy! You are the sweetest, kindest, most adorable 5 year old I know!!!!! I will never forget the day you were born.


2catpeeps said...

Oh how adorable! At first I thought Ben 10 was a preschool friend! (I get it now)
Happy Birthday Collin sorry I missed it! I love you so much and yes, party planner is perfect for you! Cameron work on those balloons!
Cooie- I see you!

Jamie Tamez said...

Thanks for the invite! Dominik had so much fun!

Happy Birthday Ben 10....oh I mean Collin!