Thursday, October 30, 2008

Halloween Party for Collin

Collin had a blast at school today, it was the Halloween party! It's so much fun to see the kids all dressed up in costume. Collin decorated his pumpkin he picked out from the pumpkin patch last Tuesday, made mini pizza (for mommy to eat) and walked thru the church showing off his Robin costume. Before leaving the house Collin received tons of giggles from little bro. I happily removed Mr. Peanut in the car........I was roasting! Tee hee. Happy Halloweenie to all!!!


Jamie Tamez said...

I gotta say I saw a pretty cute Robin and Mr. Peanut today! :)

2catpeeps said...

Oh my gosh!!!
Lookit Cammy in the doorway! That is sooooo darn cute! This picture will always make me laugh!
Apie you look so adorable! Collin is the cutest Batman I've ever seen!

Ambie said...

All your costumes are so cootsin! Esp mr. peanut hehe!