Monday, August 18, 2008

Connor turned 3!

Cooie had the "frog" party he wanted so badly. It was 102 degrees outside and when the party started at noon, everyone had red faces. The kids still jumped in the big buzz light year bouncer and had tons of fun doing that. Cooie opened his gifts and was and still is excited about all the wonderful presents. The froggy pinata never was knocked down, but he is hanging from our fireplace wall now. Anytime mommy needs a candy it's available. We had a our good friends from Spokane join us, Janelle, Caleb and Emily! It was so nice of you to make the trip "again" Janelle! We can't wait for apple picking next month. Thank you to everyone that made Cooies birthday special. He loves you all, even if he growls at you from time to time!