Friday, January 11, 2008

Did I say I was going to be positive?

As I sit here at 2:20 am typing with one hand because I am feeding the baby. I srtuggle with my statement "I am going to try to be more positive" because it's always something. Collin woke up crying 10 minutes ago with what I am guessing is hives. Who needs doctors anymore, just ask me!
It started with me on New Years with Bronchitis/flu. NASTY! When mommy is sick she does not have the luxury of sleeping. Next was Collin, yet another trip to see the Doc. Next was Connor, who by the way 2 weeks before this flu had a full day of vomiting. Tony was next and seems to have the worst lingering congestion out of all of us. Yet, to add to it all Cameron got the flu. When a four month old gets the flu they send them to ER. 5 hours later we left the ER only to go home and struggle to make the baby comfortable while getting over the flu. In the back of my mind the entire time I am wondering what's wrong with Cameron's arm. I hope all this "illness" leaves this house. Stay home and be healthy if you can help it. There seems to be some extra bugs out there.